Sanoe Marfil

Sanoe Marfil is the Chief Program Officer (CPO) at the Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture (INPEACE), a Native Hawaiian non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for Native Hawaiians through community partnerships that provide educational opportunities and promote self-sufficiency.

In her role, Ms. Marfil spends much of her time advocating and leading multiple efforts to promote education both at INPEACE and in her community of Nānākuli. She helped to establish a Hawaiian Medium Education School in her community and serves on the governing board as a parent advocate.

Ms. Marfil most recently completed the American Express Leadership Academy designed to build leadership capacity for the nonprofit sector. She has also completed the First Nation Futures Program, which is an international leadership program designed to develop leaders from indigenous communities and instill within them a strong sense of kuleana (responsibility) for the natural and cultural resources of their native lands. Ms. Marfil holds a bachelor's degree in Hawaiian Pacific Studies and is finishing a Master’s Degree in Hawaiian Culture with a focus on familial lands and ancient storytelling.