Social Policy

Roselyn Miller

Research Assistant, Better Life Lab

Roselyn Miller is a research assistant for New America’s Better Life Lab. Miller contributes to research at the intersection of gender, work, and social policy through writing, reporting, and policy analysis. She manages the Better Life Lab's social media, and composes the biweekly Your Life, Better newsletter. At New America, she focuses on topics such as child welfare, mobility from poverty, and the future of work. Believing strongly in pairing policy recommendations with culture change, Miller combines storytelling with data to make policy research more accessible.

Miller was most recently a Millennial Public Policy Fellow, also in the Better Life Lab program. Prior to joining New America she coordinated programs in Spanish and English at a community based organization in Redwood City, Calif. She worked to organize the local immigrant community and collaborate with local government on programs related to welcoming, education, and health and wellness. She holds a B.A. in anthropology from Stanford University, where she studied urban centers and migration in the U.S. and Spain, as well as public interest funding structures.