Patrick Oathout

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Student Debt by the (Text)book

Why does community college cost so much more than so many expect? Patrick Oathout explores.

He’s with Him, She’s with Her. Really, Still?

Patrick Oathout examines how far we have—and have not—come with respect to gender in American politics.

Can Holy Lands Become Holy Democracies?

A question not so easily answered among scholars.

Does Congress Need More Nerds?

Affirmative, says Patrick Oathout.

Want to Make America Great Again? Start with Students

Patrick Oathout explores the unfortunate ways in which student government elections are mirroring their national counterparts.

To Push or To Help

Patrick Oathout asks what, exactly, college entrepreneurship programs are meant to achieve.

Anger, Antitrust, and Amazon

Why are so many so mad at the company? Patrick Oathout explores.

Common Cause

Opponents of the Common Core agreed that they wanted it gone. Patrick Oathout explores why they couldn’t find consensus on what came next.