Oren Samet

Oren Samet is a researcher and political analyst focused on democracy and human rights issues in Southeast Asia.

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Myanmar's Media Confronts a Crisis

The recent jailing of reporters in Myanmar and reactions to the Rohingya crisis reveal mounting threats to its journalism environment.

The Death of Cambodian Democracy

Ahead of the 2018 elections, Cambodia's ruling party is moving into uncharted territory to make sure the contest won't be free or fair.

How Religious Identity Politics Threatens to Devour Indonesia’s Democratic Gains

A recent, crucial gubernatorial election shines a light on how Indonesia isn’t immune to the populist wave sweeping the globe.

In Thailand, Democracy Delayed or Denied?

Thailand's delayed democracy provides a cautionary tale to other countries struggling with similar strains of populism.

Can Malaysia Be Saved?

The country was once seen as a model for its region. Now it’s in economic and political turmoil. Oren Samet examines what went wrong, and wh

Myanmar's Moment

Myanmar’s election was an important event—but that in itself does not a democracy make, writes Oren Samet.