Melissa Hogenboom

Fellow, Learning Sciences Exchange

Sector: Journalism
Project: Talk With Me!
Team Members: Meredith Rowe (research), Sacha Kyle (entertainment), Elizabeth Shuey (policy)

Melissa Hogenboom is a senior science journalist at BBC Global News, where she specializes in telling evidence-based stories for a general audience. She has a track record of reporting exclusive and often experimental topics in video, text and radio, from going troll hunting in Iceland, to searching for her cosmic twin in a parallel universe, to tracing the footsteps of the world’s last Neanderthals. She is interested in telling stories that reflect our changing society for the better or worse. This approach has led her to look at how music is helping her father’s dementia and how it may be key to understanding the brain, to investigating the subtle biases that exist in our education system, which further divide society. Most recently, Hogenboom visited a high-security Dutch psychiatric prison, as part of an in-depth look at the mental health of female prisoners, many of whom are victims themselves. Her journalism has been recognized by multiple awards, including the Webby Awards, the Kavli Science awards, and the British Association of Science Journalism.