Lina Khan

Lina Khan was a fellow with the Open Markets program at New America, where she researched the concentration of power in America’s political economy and the evolution of antitrust laws. She has reported on consolidation across sectors, including agriculture, finance, tech, media, and commodities. From 2011-2014, she was a policy analyst for the program, formerly known as the Markets, Enterprise, and Resiliency Initiative.

Khan has written for The American Prospect, CNN, Foreign Policy, The New Republic, Quartz, Salon, The Washington Monthly, and The Washington Post, among others, and has appeared on C-Span’s Washington Journal, NPR, and the Majority Report with Sam Seder. Her work has been cited by publications including the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

Khan served as policy director for Zephyr Teachout’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign in New York. She studied political theory at Williams College and is presently studying at Yale Law School.

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Lina Khan's forthcoming paper was cited by Stacy Mitchell in an Op-Ed about the antitrust plank in the Democratic platform.

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Untamed: How to Check Corporate, Financial, and Monopoly Power

A policy agenda designed to rewrite the rules that shape the corporate and financial sectors.

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Lina Khan wrote for Politico about rebooting the FTC.

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