Justin Lynch

Adjunct Editorial Fellow

Justin Lynch is an adjunct editorial fellow at New America, and a multimedia journalist in East Africa. He is the East Africa stringer for the Associated Press, mostly writing about South Sudan. He has also written for the New Yorker, Foreign Policy, the Atlantic, Slate, Al-Jazeera, Christian Science Monitor, the Daily Beast, and others.

He has appeared on TV for Al-Jazeera's Inside Story and ABC Australia. He has also been interviewed for radio on NPR, BBC, WAMU, and other programs.

His investigation into ethnically targeted killings in the town of Yei influenced the United Nations to declare ethnic cleansing in South Sudan in November 2016. South Sudan's government later arrested and deported him from the country. His investigation into an attack on a UN base in the town of Malakal in February 2016 was also credited with proving that government soldiers attacked the base, and UN peacekeepers fled during the attack. 

Previously he was the social media coordinator at New America. Follow him on twitter @just1nlynch, or email him lynch@newamerica.org

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