Josephine Wolff

New America Cybersecurity Initiative Fellow

Josephine Wolff will write a book about a series of cybersecurity incidents over the course of the past decade, tracing their economic and legal aftermath and their impact on the current state of technical, social, and political lines of defense. She received her PhD from MIT in 2015 and is joining the Rochester Institute of Technology faculty in the public policy and computing security departments. She is also a faculty associate at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society. Her writing has appeared in Slate, The Atlantic, Scientific American, The New Republic, Newsweek, and The New York Times Opinionator blog. She has an AB in mathematics from Princeton University.

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Comey Leaves Behind an FBI With More Technical Expertise—and Less Technical Credibility

He badly misjudged public perception of the bureau’s use of technology.

The FBI Relied on a Private Firm’s Investigation of the DNC Hack—Which Makes the Agency Harder to Trust

Josephine Wolff wrote for Slate about the FBI relying on a private firm, CrowdStrike, in probing the DNC.

Someone Set Off All of Dallas’ Tornado Sirens Over the Weekend. But Was It a Hack?

Josephine Wolff wrote for Slate's Future Tense about the security breach on 156 tornado sirens in Dallas.

Congress Will Let Internet Providers Sell Your Data—So Rebels Devised A Way To Fool Corporation

Josephine Wolff writes for NextGov about Internet providers ability to sell consumers' data.

Why We Need to Be Much More Careful About How We Use the Word Cyberattack

Josephine Wolff writes for Future Tense in Slate about the inaccurate usage of the term cyberattack.

No One Should Give In to Cyber Extortion Unless It’s a Life or Death Situation

Josephine Wolff writes for Slate about online extortion.

Cloud Computing Makes the Internet More Reliable and Secure, Except When It Doesn’t

Josephine Wolff writes for Slate about the centralized vulnerability of cloud computing services

The Good and Bad News About Cloudbleed

Josephine Wolff writes for Slate about a Cloudfare bug

Cybersecurity – Personal Safety, Professional Opportunities

Practicing Good Personal Cybersecurity Isn’t Just About Protecting Yourself

Josephine Wolff wrote for Slate about good personal cybersecurity.

The Ransomware Attack That Locked Hotel Guests Out of Their Rooms

Josephine Wolff wrote for Slate about the ransomware attack that locked guests out of their hotel rooms.

How a 2011 Hack You’ve Never Heard of Changed the Internet’s Infrastructure

Josephine Wolff writes for the Slate about the 2011 DigiNotar hack and its implications for internet security infrastructure