J. Peter Scoblic

Future Security Senior Fellow; National Fellow, 2015

J. Peter Scoblic is a senior fellow with the Future Security program at New America, where he researches strategic foresight, prediction, and the future of nuclear weapons. He was a 2015 National Fellow with the New America Fellows Program. He is also the co-founder of Event Horizon Strategies, a foresight consultancy. Previously, he was Executive Editor of The New Republic and, more recently, of Foreign Policy. He has also served as Deputy Staff Director of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, where he worked on approval of the New START agreement and was the chief foreign policy speechwriter for Chairman John Kerry. In 2008, Viking Press published his book, U.S. vs. Them, an intellectual history of the modern conservative movement and its impact on American foreign policy. He is a graduate of Brown University, and he received his doctorate from Harvard Business School, where his research won the Wyss Award for Excellence.