Gem Barrett

Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow

Gem Barrett is a technologist, speaker and Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow with New America’s Open Technology Institute. With over seven years’ experience in design and development, she combines her creativity and programming skills with open-source tools to experiment with various frameworks and languages. She specializes in web and iOS development, and is particularly interested in data visualization and the use of APIs and open data within those fields.

Gem is passionate about all aspects of technology and open web advocacy and her work at OTI focuses on internet regulation, net neutrality and transparency reporting. Originating from the Isle of Wight, a small island in the UK, has made her keen to encourage the inclusion of rural and low-income areas in the conversation around data connectivity issues. Gem has previously been involved with hyperlocal voluntary organisations, run her own small digital agency and worked on a range of commercial agency-side development projects. Her mixed working background has given her insight into a wide range of digitally-focused organisations and the varying values and objectives that have an impact on the use of the internet in everyday life.

Being self-taught, Gem is always keen to level up her programming skills and expand her knowledge into new areas of technology. She is currently completing a BSc (Hons) in Computing, IT and Design at the Open University, having previously gained a Diploma in Design and Innovation and a Certificate in IT and Computing through the same institution. She is also a keen gamer, cat owner and tea-drinker.

More information about Gem can be found at and she tweets about gaming, technology and cats from @gembarrett.