Chris Ritzo

Chris Ritzo was a senior technologist with the Open Technology Institute (OTI) at New America. Ritzo provided technical support, web development, information architecture, research, partner engagement, and project management to OTI for Measurement Lab and other initiatives. Ritzo holds Master's degrees in information science and communication from the University of Illinois. Broadly interested in technology’s impact on and use within communtities, Ritzo's work is grounded in experiences within the maker movement, community organizations, grassroots media, cooperatives, community access television, and indymedia. Ritzo's work examines the intersections of technology and public institutions, particularly libraries and schools. Ritzo is a proponent of open science and open source projects as a mentor and participant in the global Mozilla community. Prior to joining New America, Ritzo worked in teaching, training, and support roles in the higher education and K-12 sectors.