Camille Stewart

Political Reform Program Fellow

Camille Stewart is an attorney whose crosscutting perspective on complex technology, cyber, and national security, and foreign policy issues has landed her in significant roles at leading government and private sector companies like the Department of Homeland Security and Google. Camille is Head of Security Policy for Google Play and Android where she leads cybersecurity, privacy, election integrity, and misinformation policy efforts. Prior to Google, Camille managed cybersecurity, election security, tech innovation, and risk issues at Deloitte. Camille was appointed by President Barack Obama the Senior Policy Advisor for Cyber Infrastructure & Resilience Policy at the Department of Homeland Security. She was the Senior Manager of Legal Affairs at Cyveillance, a cybersecurity company after working on Capitol Hill. 

Camille is a Truman National Security Fellow, and Council on Foreign Relations Term Member.  Camille is on the Board of Women of Color Advancing Peace & Security and leads the Cybersecurity & Emerging Tech working group. She also leads a project with a DC think tank addressing the exfiltration of national security-related tech and IP through the courts. You can find out more about Camille and her current projects at and follow her on Twitter @CamilleEsq.