Brandie Nonnecke

Brandie Nonnecke is a postdoctoral scholar at UC Berkeley where she serves as research and development manager for CITRIS and the Banatao Institute, a four-campus University of California center that supports interdisciplinary and forward-thinking research in health, robotics, civic tech, and cyber-physical infrastructure. Nonnecke’s research focuses on the application of information and communication technologies to support civic participation, improve governance and accountability, and foster economic and social development. In this capacity, she has designed and deployed open source, e-participation platforms that apply statistical models and collaborative filtering to streamline public feedback on complex societal issues. These platforms have been used by over 20,000 participants in California ( and Mexico ( to identify priority policy issues and in rural Uganda to enable collaborative evaluation of the effectiveness of development programs ( This research was recognized with the 2015 IEEE Global Humanitarian Tech Best Paper Award. She also researches the dynamic interconnections between law, policy, and emerging technologies to identify legal and regulatory barriers affecting technological and societal advancements. She researches the impacts of the UN Internet Governance Forum on the formation of legal and regulatory standards for the internet, particularly within developing regions. Her research has been published in Telecommunications Policy, Telematics & Informatics, Communications & Strategies, Information Technologies & International Development, and Policy & Internet. More info on her research is at