Bina Venkataraman

Fellow, Future Tense

Bina Venkataraman is a Future Tense Fellow and was a Class of 2016 & 2017 Carnegie Fellow with the Fellows Program at New America. She will write a book about how our society of gamblers can forge tools to think about the future amid rapid technological change. She is currently the Director of Global Policy Initiatives at the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, a lecturer at MIT, and an op-ed columnist. She is the former senior advisor for climate change innovation in the Obama White House, and a former science journalist for The New York Times and The Boston Globe. She is an alumna of Harvard's Kennedy School and Brown University, where she now serves on the University President's Leadership Council. A previous recipient of a Fulbright and a Metcalf Institute fellowship, Venkataraman was recently named a 2015 Young Leader by the French-American Foundation. 

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The Problem With “Playing God”

Bina Venkataraman wrote for Slate's Future Tense about the issue with the phrase "playing God."

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Bina Venkataraman wrote a feature essay for Foreign Policy Magazine on the aerial perspective of Earth and climate change.

Stewarding Society’s Heirlooms

Bina Venkataraman tells the story of how she carefully collected a cherished inheritance—and wonders why we can’t collectively do the same.

Can Genetic Engineering Stop Zika?

What might be the consequences of messing with the world’s deadliest animal? Are there other diseases that we may want to engineer away?

What Experiments to Block Out the Sun Can't Tell Us

Using technology to fix climate change requires careful research—but that’s easier said than done.

Should We Engineer Future Humans?

Gene editing has come further than ever before. That means we need to start thinking further ahead than ever before, argues Bina Venkatarama