Ben Barrett

Program Associate, Education Policy Program

Ben Barrett is a program associate with the Education Policy program at New America, where he is a member of the higher education team. Ben previously interned with the U.S. Department of Education and the Texas House of Representatives.

He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a dual degree in Plan II Honors and government.

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The IRS Has Hired A Debt Collector That Is Being Sued By The Government

Ben Barrett was quoted by Buzzfeed regarding an IRS-contracted debt collector currently being sued by the federal government.

Students Aren't Only Ones Confused by Federal Financial Aid

How might giving out financial aid incrementally over the course of the semester, instead of in one lump sum impact student success?

How Budget Battles are Stacked Against Higher Education

Michigan highlights how federal budget cuts can harm public colleges and universities.

College Access is Still a Problem

In our segregated system of higher education, the meager number of low-income students at the nation’s top schools remains a real problem.

Is Higher Education the Gateway to the Middle Class?

Groundbreaking new research offers a major step forward in our understanding of higher education and economic mobility.

This Congress Says it Will Fix the Student Loan Mess. Here is Their Plan.

Ben Barrett was quoted in Circa about Congressional attempts to streamline financial aid and student loan programs.

Culture Wars Now Waged with Federal Education Funding

Schools will continue to be a battlefield for civil rights, but the changing way higher education has been funded comes with tradeoffs.

3 Student Loan Reforms to Expect Under Trump

Ben Barrett was quoted in U.S. News & World Report about how Congress could use reconciliation to create new rules for student loans.

Why Does Betsy DeVos think Federal Student Loan Debt has Grown by 1,000 percent?

Her mistake could have been chalked up to a slip of tongue, if she hadn’t doubled down on her error.

New Data Show Wider Repayment Gap Between Low- and High-Income Borrowers

New data reveal a larger divide between the rate at which high- and low-income borrowers repay their student loans.

Feds' Data Error Inflated Loan Repayment Rates on the College Scorecard

Kim Dancy and Ben Barrett's blog post about the Department's error in calculating repayment rates was quoted in Inside Higher Ed.

Fewer Borrowers Are Repaying Their Loans Than Previously Thought

The US Department of Education announced a critical error in the way it had previously been calculating repayment rates.