Barak Barfi

Barak Barfi was a research fellow at New America, where he specialized in Arab and Islamic affairs. Previously, Barfi was a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution. His articles have appeared in the Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, Foreign Policy, Daily Beast, the Atlantic, the New Republic, and Politico, in addition to being regularly featured in Project Syndicate. He has also extensively published in leading foreign publications such as Australia’s The Australian, Austria’s Der Standard, England’s The Guardian, Germany’s Die Welt, and Spain’s El Pais. Barfi has published several monographs and encyclopedia articles on topics such as al-Qaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. He has been quoted in every major international publication, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, TIME, the Atlantic, Le Monde and the Daily Telegraph. He has appeared on ABC’s World News Tonight, NBC’s Today Show and CBS’ This Morning Show. He is a frequent commentator on CNN, BBC, MSNBC and Fox News, appearing on such programs as Anderson Cooper 360°, Hardball with Chris Matthews and On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. Barfi often testifies before Congress on issues ranging from al-Qaeda to the Syrian conflict. Before entering the think tank world, Barfi worked as a correspondent for the Associated Press and as a producer for ABC News affiliates where he reported from countries such as Iraq and Lebanon. He has lived in half a dozen Middle East countries including Libya and Yemen. Since 2011, he has visited Syria more than a dozen times, traveling in regime areas, Kurdish regions, and rebel held territory. Barfi did his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan and his graduate studies at Columbia University. He is fluent in Arabic and French and proficient in German.