Ayushi Roy

Deputy Director, New Practice Lab

Ayushi Roy is the Deputy Director of New America's New Practice Lab.

Previously, Roy served at 18F as the Director of State and Local Technology, and more recently, on the leadership team managing investments for the US Technology Modernization Fund, a $1B fund to modernize technology and improve customer experience across the federal government.

Roy's work has included modernizing Wisconsin’s legacy system for Unemployment Insurance, co-authoring the Unemployment Insurance playbook used by states in response to COVID-19, helping to hire the first cohort of dedicated product managers for the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare Services, and streamlining the grants infrastructure for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Roy teaches digital government at the Harvard Kennedy School, and is the co-founder of We Who Engage, a media platform and government consultancy that facilitates civic engagement. The consultancy has partnered with a variety of state and local partners including the City of Boston on public transportation planning, the City of Poughkeepsie Children’s Cabinet, and the Seattle Foundation on regional business development.

Previously, Roy helped build Oakland City Hall's first innovation team, and co-founded an SMS hotline for campus safety used across the University of California system.

In her personal time, Roy competes in the World Marathon Major and serves as the Commissioner of the Oakland Public Library. She is an alumna of Columbia University and MIT, with additional certifications in conflict mediation.