Aubrey Menarndt

Aubrey Menarndt writes and researches on energy and governance. She is a Luce Scholar and holds degrees from the University of Oxford and Smith College. She has lived and worked throughout the former Soviet region and is now based in West Africa. Follow her on Twitter: @AubreyMenarndt.

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Trump's Environment

And how the country is surviving in it, one year on.

The Implications of America's Extractive Exit

Leaving a resource transparency initiative can chip away at credibility globally—and diminish citizens' ability to hold leaders to account.

What Rick Perry Got Wrong About Energy and Sexual Violence in Africa

Energy development can prevent sexual violence against women on the continent—but fossil fuels aren't the way to achieve this goal.

Chechnya’s Anti-Gay Purge

The pogrom against gay Chechen men shines a light on a larger climate of oppression linked to Chechnya's murky relationship with Russia.