Amaya Garcia

Senior Researcher, Education Policy Program

Amaya Garcia is a senior researcher with the Education Policy program at New America. A member of the Dual Language Learners National Work Group, she provides research and analysis on policies and programs related to dual language education, bilingual teacher preparation and early education. Prior to joining New America, Garcia was a policy analyst at the DC State Board of Education and a research associate at the American Institutes of Research. Previously she worked in a variety of research labs conducting studies on topics including school finance, reading comprehension, infant learning and memory and early language development. She holds a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Maryland-College Park, a master’s degree in cognitive studies in education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a bachelor’s degree in English and psychology from the University of Iowa.

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Analysis: Arizona Is the Worst State in the Nation in Serving Students Still Learning English

Amaya Garica wrote for The 74 Million about Arizona and its lack of support for English Language Learners.

Children Crossing at the Border: An Unexpected Challenge for Schools

In January, ICE carried out a series of deportation raids, primarily targeting parents and children who had been rejected for asylum.

Dual Immersion Programs: How States Foster Expansion, Face Challenges

A growing body of research shows that dual immersion models are particularly powerful for raising the academic achievement of DLLs.

Federal English Learners Policy Changes: Lots of Talk, Little Policy Clarity

There's a lot of talk right now in Washington about English Learners. But it's not clear if there will be any policy clarity coming from it.

Refugees and Early Childhood Education

Young children of recent refugees from Syria are not being enrolled in early education programs at the same rate as native born kids.

How Portland Public Schools is Building a Pipeline of Bilingual Teachers

With a growing number of DLL's in public schools, bilingual teachers are in high demand.

International High School at Largo Aims to Boost Graduation Rates of EL Students

A look at how the Internationals Network for Public Schools model is being implemented at Largo High School.

California's Existing Gaps in EL Education

Jerry Brown discussed the Local Control Funding Formula in his State of the State address last month.

New Report Sheds Light on the Need for Digital Equity at Home for Education

New digital equity report provides insight into barriers for families trying to get online, and consequences of the digital divide for kids.

Growing Their Own in Minneapolis: Building a Diverse Teacher Workforce From the Ground Up

The Albert Shanker Institute released a report on the state of teacher diversity in our country’s public schools.

NCLB's Impact on Bilingual Education in New York City

A paradox in language immersion learning is happening in NY, a rise in native English speakers, while non-English learners are declining.

PDX to Trump: Drop Dead

How David Douglas School District proves Donald Trump wrong.