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Open Technology Institute, Privacy Advocates Ask White House to Improve Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Act

This morning, New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI), along with 13 other privacy advocates, sent an open letter to the White House e

Letter from 48 Advocacy Organizations, Security Experts, and Academics: New Cybersecurity Bill is a Threat To Privacy and Internet Security

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In Historic Victory for Consumers, FCC Votes To Protect Open Internet

Today the Federal Communications Commission approved an historic order that protects network neutrality with strong rules based on sound leg

FCC Gets It Right On Community Broadband

On an historic day at the Federal Communications Commission, the agency preempted laws in North Carolina and Tennessee that restrict the abi

OTI & Public Interest Groups Urge FCC to Support Competition in TV Incentive Auctions

Today national consumer and other nonprofit groups in the Public Interest Spectrum Coalition (PISC) sent a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheele

OTI Applauds U.S. Government For Authorizing Tech Exports to Sudan

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Ahead of President’s Cybersecurity Summit, OTI Highlights Importance of Encryption

Policymakers should heed the lessons of the crypto wars so we aren't doomed to repeat them, OTI says in a filing to the UN Special rapporteu

startups meeting with fcc and congress on net neutrality

Representatives from several prominent startups are joining Engine and New America's Open Technology Institute in Washington DC today in adv

FCC Commissioner Gives Misleading Speech on Net Neutrality

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai gave a speech today critiquing Chairman Tom Wheeler’s net neutrality proposal.

OTI Work on Discrimination and Civil Rights Protection Highlighted in White House Interim Report on Big Data and Privacy

The Obama Administration affirmed the importance of defending civil rights in an era of big data in an Interim Progress Report released this

OTI Encouraged by Reported FCC Move Toward Reclassification

After over a decade of debate, it is critical that we get net neutrality rules right this time around.

FCC Proposal Promises a Free and Open Internet for Consumers

After over a decade of debate, it is critical that we get net neutrality rules right this time around.