Press Releases

Senate Voted to Grant Administration More Section 702 Surveillance Authority

The FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act reauthorizes Section 702 for six years without any reforms to this surveillance program.

OTI and Coalition Urge Supreme Court to Limit Government Access to Data Stored Outside U.S., Citing Privacy and Security Concerns

The case involves Microsoft’s challenge to a U.S. government warrant seeking the content of a customer’s emails that are held in Ireland.

Momentum Builds for Congressional Effort to Restore Net Neutrality

OTI applauds Sen. Markey and Rep. Doyle for their efforts to restore net neutrality.

OTI Condemns Senate Vote to Prevent Debate on Section 702

Today’s vote precludes any opportunity for open debate or an amendment process regarding FISA Section 702 going forward.

OTI Challenges FCC Chairman Pai’s Net Neutrality Repeal by Filing Protective Petition for Review in D.C. Circuit

Today, OTI became one of the first parties to challenge the FCC's harmful order repealing the net neutrality rules.

Ignoring Widespread Public Support for Section 702 Reform, House Passes Bill that Could Expand Law

OTI strongly opposes this bill that makes no meaningful reforms to protect Americans’ privacy.

OTI Urges House of Representatives to Pass the Amash Amendment or Reject the House Intelligence Committee’s Section 702 Bill

The Amash Amendment will strike the text of the House Intelligence Committee’s 702 bill and replace it with the text of the USA Rights Act.

OTI Welcomes House Passage of the "Cyber Vulnerability Disclosure Reporting Act"

Today’s House vote is a step forward toward enabling the public to assess how the administration decides to disclose cyber vulnerabilities.

OTI Rejects House Intel's Modified FISA Reauthorization Bill

OTI strongly opposed this bill when it was originally considered, and continues to strongly oppose it in its newly modified form.

OTI Disappointed Congress Passed Short-Term 702 Reauthorization Instead of Passing Real Reform

Congress passes short-tern reauthorization after House Leadership’s fails to force the passage of the controversial Section 702 expansion.

OTI Alarmed House is Expected to Vote on Section 702 Surveillance Expansion and Reauthorization

The bill would reauthorize Section 702 of FISA for four years without making any meaningful reforms.

OTI Welcomes Cancellation of Vote on Dangerous Bill to Expand and Reauthorize Section 702 Surveillance

House leadership abandoned its attempt to hold a vote this week on the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017.