In The News

Eyes Over Baltimore: How Police Use Military Technology to Secretly Track You

Open Technology Institute was cited in Rolling Stone for filing a complaint against the Baltimore PD’s use of Stingray technology.

Russia Requires Apple and Google to Remove LinkedIn From Local App Stores

Rebecca MacKinnon was quoted in the New York Times about Russia banning LinkedIn.

Congressional group says backdoor laws would do more harm than good

Kevin Bankston was quoted in The Verge cautioning against encryption backdoors.

Influencers: Trump Won’t Improve Cybersecurity

Peter Singer, Katie Moussouris, Peter Swire, Robert Lee, and Kevin Bankston were interviewed as cyber policy experts in Passcode.

How Russian Hackers Will Impact the Encryption Debate on Capitol Hill

Ross Schulman was quoted in FedScoop about how Russian hackers may influence Capitol Hill's stance on encryption.

White House Said Still Reviewing DOT Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Proposal

Michael Calabrese was quoted in Communications Daily on a White House review of a mandated vehicle-to-vehicle wireless radio safety network.

Globalstar Problems Seen Bad Sign for Other Satellite Spectrum Deals

Michael Calabrese was quoted in Communications Daily about the Globalstar spectrum proposal.

Security Experts: Much to Learn From NSA Leak

Kevin Bankston was quoted in the Hill about the lessons from the NSA leak.

FCC Complaint: Baltimore Police Phone Trackers Disrupt Calls

Laura Moy joined WBFF to discuss OTI's FCC complaint against the Baltimore Police Department for its use of stingray technology.

Wheeler Slams FCC Republicans for Voting Against Important Changes

Michael Calabrese was quoted remarking on the work of FCC Chairman Wheeler.

Baltimore Police Facing Scrutiny Over Cellphone Tracking

Laura Moy was quoted, and OTI's joint complaint to the FCC about the Stingray cellphone tracker was cited, in the Hill.

Broadcasters Can't Control Incentive Prices

Communications Daily quoted Michael Calabrese on price fixing in the reverse spectrum auction.