Reclaiming the Airwaves: The Largest Expansion of Community Radio, Coming This Fall

A Beyond Mainstream Media Event

As the result of a decade-long struggle with both commercial and public radio, Congress and the FCC have finally cleared the way for a major expansion of Low-Power FM. In October 2013 community groups in cities and towns across the country will have the rare opportunity to apply for a low power FM radio station license.  A wide-range of organizations (including right-wing forces that already dominate the nation's airwaves) are in the midst of massive outreach campaigns to encourage the public to apply for these stations.

Why is LPFM important in providing an alternative to mainstream media? Why did it take so long for the federal government to approve this non-commercial local radio service? What is the FCC doing to ensure that licensees will truly act in the best interest of the local communities? How can you get your radio station? What are the challenges ahead?

Join us for a conversation with some of the leading thinkers and organizers working with diverse community groups across the country, as they discuss the strategies and challenges in helping organizations envision and prepare for the largest expansion of community radio in U.S. history.

This event is part of the Beyond Mainstream Media series. Visit the series webpage for more information and a schedule of upcoming events. 


Katherine Grincewich
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

Julia Wierski
Prometheus Radio Project

Liz Humes
Founder and President Emeritus of WRIR-LP
Host and Producer, Wordy Birds

Mark Lloyd
Director, Media Policy Initiative, New America Foundation