[ONLINE] - The EU AI Act: Lessons for US Policymakers


The EU tentatively passed the AI Act in the last days of 2023. While EU policymakers are finalizing details, the Act is expected to become the world’s first comprehensive artificial intelligence law early this year. What can U.S. policymakers learn from the journey spanning the Act’s origins in 2021, the negotiation process, and the final provisions that will soon emerge? Issues for discussion include differential regulatory treatment for generative AI, the EU’s approach to open and proprietary AI models, prohibited uses of AI, and the goal of achieving “regulatory interoperability” of governance efforts emerging around the world. Join OTI virtually on February 27 for a keynote address from Dr. Gabriele Mazzini, architect and lead author of the proposal on the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) by the European Commission, followed by a panel discussion that breaks down the implications of the AI Act’s expected passage and lessons for U.S. policymakers.

Keynote Address

Gabriele Mazzini, AI Team Leader, European Commission


Maria Curi, Reporter Axios

Kai Zenner, Head of Office and Digital Policy Adviser for MEP Axel Voss
Laura Lazaro Cabrera, Counsel and Director of the Equity and Data Programme, CDT EU
Caterina Rodelli, EU Policy Analyst, Access Now
David Morar, Senior Policy Analyst, OTI