Net Neutrality and the Economy

How the FCC’s Rules Promote Investment, Create Jobs, and Protect Consumers

The Federal Communications Commission’s 2015 net neutrality rules were a landmark achievement for consumer rights online and the United States economy. Whether it’s large internet companies, up-and-coming digital platforms, or small businesses that rely on online services to reach customers, nearly every company in some way uses the power of the internet. The net neutrality rules, which prohibit broadband companies from blocking, throttling, and creating online “slow lanes,” are crucial for economic development, job creation, and serve as a democratizing force for communication.

The FCC’s recent decision to move forward on a proposal to repeal the net neutrality rules brings an urgent need for civil society, consumer advocates, and companies large and small to fight to retain the rules that were secured two years ago.

Without the net neutrality rules, a small number of broadband companies would become gatekeepers of the internet economy and control how every American uses the internet.

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn will give opening remarks. Our panelists include representatives from the business and public interest communities who will discuss the economic benefits that stem from the net neutrality rules. Please join New America’s Open Technology Institute and the Internet Association for this two panel discussion about the importance of net neutrality for consumers and small businesses, followed by a reception with refreshments.


2:00 pm: Introduction

Sarah Morris, @sarmorris
Senior Counsel & Director of Open Internet Policy, New America’s Open Technology Institute

2:05: Opening Remarks

Mignon Clyburn, @MClyburnFCC
Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

Michael Beckerman
President and Chief Executive Officer, Internet Association

Kevin Bankston, @KevinBankston
Director, New America’s Open Technology Institute

2:30 pm: Presentations and Discussion: Unpacking the economics of net neutrality and broadband investment

Dr. Christopher Hooton, @Hooton_Chris
Chief Economist, Internet Association

Matt Wood, @mattfwood
Policy Director, Free Press

Libby Watson, @libbycwatson
Tech Policy Writer, Gizmodo


Noah Theran, @NoahTheran
Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, Internet Association

3:15 pm: Panel Discussion: Understanding the full range of net neutrality benefits

Michael Cheah
General Counsel, Vimeo

Julie Stitzel, @julie_stitzel
Senior Manager, Federal Advocacy and Policy at Etsy

Anika Navaroli, @AnikaNavaroli
Senior Campaign Manager, Media and Economic Justice at Color of Change

Rachel Wolbers, @rachelwolbers
Policy Director, Engine Advocacy


Sarah Morris, @sarmorris
Senior Counsel & Director of Open Internet Policy, New America’s Open Technology Institute

4:00 pm: Open Mic Session and Q&A

4:45 pm: Reception and close

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