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Accelerating Broadband Deployment And Spectrum Reform

The rapid deployment of high-speed Internet access could prove critical to lasting economic recovery and to continuing the high levels of productivity growth achieved in recent years. Eric Benhamou - chairman and former CEO of 3Com - will provide an overview of the principles he and his industry colleagues are developing to address the need to accelerate business and residential access to both wireline and wireless broadband. He will discuss the need for rational long-range policy alternatives instead of one-off remedies - including the need to reform the nation's spectrum allocation policy. After his presentation, he looks forward to a frank and freewheeling exchange with those attending this policy roundtable.

Benhamou is Chairman of the Board and former CEO of 3Com Corporation, a $2.5 billion networking equipment company; and Chairman of the Board of Palm Computing, a $1.5 billion handheld solutions company, both based in Santa Clara, California. A New America Foundation board member, he also serves on the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee and on the Executive Council of Technet, a national bipartisan political network of 140 high tech industry leaders.


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  • Eric Benhamou
    Chairman & CEO, Benhamou Global Ventures and Chairman, 3Com Corporation