Sascha Meinrath on Digital Feudalism

Blog Post
July 20, 2010

After giving the keynote address at the Alliance for Community Media National Conference, Sascha Meinrath sat down for a four part interview with PEG Point's Jackie Hai.

In this first segment, Meinrath discusses digital feudalism, enclosed systems, and the push for opening up critical infrastructures. Highlighting examples of Internet connections being restricted and cell phone functionality being limited, Meinrath discusses the need for pragmatic solutions to prevent companies from enclosing these systems.  

From AT&T charging extra for specific uses of their network or Apple blocking functionality on their devices, Meinrath argues the only way to prevent this from happening is if government "says this type of first amendment right infringing behavior will not be allowed."

See additional parts of the interview: Building Your Own Network, Four Action Items to Unleash a Ubiquitous Digital American Future, and PEG and Community Media Centers.