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Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels
Sept. 18, 2023

New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) is pleased to announce the opening of three positions: Policy Analyst, Policy Counsel, and Senior Policy Analyst, Data Use & Privacy. Within these roles, team members will drive a tech policy agenda that promotes universal access to communications technologies that are both open and secure. In this critical time for tech policy, OTI is recruiting outstanding candidates seeking to make a difference. These roles are hybrid, but DC candidates are strongly preferred. Please see below for details and links to apply.

OTI and Wireless Future Project (WiFu) seek a Policy Analyst to work closely with our policy experts to develop policy recommendations that aim to ensure that every community has equitable technology and its benefits. The Policy Analyst will focus on research and advocacy related to broadband access, network neutrality, and wireless spectrum policy.

OTI and WiFu also seek a Policy Counsel to provide legal, policy, and legislative research and analysis of policy recommendation in support of every community having equitable technology and its benefits. The Policy Counsel is focused on issues such as network neutrality, broadband access, spectrum policy, and mobile market competition.

OTI, with New America’s Higher Education program, seeks a Senior Policy Analyst, Data Use & Privacy whose specialty lies at the intersection of privacy, security, and data use. This role focuses primarily on protecting student data privacy and security while creating a framework for the higher education community to more meaningfully assess the value of educational programs. This work informs OTI’s broader work on data use and data sharing.

The Open Technology Institute works at the intersection of technology and policy to ensure that every community has equitable access to digital technology and its benefits. We promote universal access to communications technologies that are both open and secure, using a multidisciplinary approach that brings together advocates, researchers, organizers, and innovators. Our current focus areas include net neutrality, broadband access and adoption, consumer privacy and security, platform accountability, encryption, government surveillance, internet governance, freedom of expression online, digital public infrastructure and wireless broadband and spectrum. OTI conducts data-driven research, develops policy and regulatory reforms, and builds real-world pilot projects to impact both public policy and physical communications infrastructure that people interact with every day. The Wireless Future Project focuses on reversing the ongoing privatization of the public airwaves, as well as expanding citizen access to an unlicensed spectrum “commons,” thereby facilitating public access to the airwaves, nonprofit community and municipal wireless networks and ubiquitous wireless Internet access. OTI and WiFu are part of the Technology and Democracy Programs within New America, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that invests in new thinkers and new ideas to address the next generation of challenges facing the United States.

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