Seeing Something Different About Technology

Article/Op-Ed in Mozilla
June 22, 2017

Georgia Bullen was selected as a member of Mozilla's first cohort of "Network50," a group of people who have positively contributed to the internet health movement. She wrote this article for Mozilla.

I remember the day that our first desktop computer arrived on our doorstep. I must’ve been about 7 years old. The box was almost as tall as I was, and I couldn’t move it out of our front hall. I was so interested in what was in the box, I opened it and started unpacking the computer in the hallway, putting it together by following the color coding on the cables and the back of the tower. By the time my parents realized what I was doing, it was all they could do to say “Follow the steps in the instruction manual!!” but it was too late. The designer of that Gateway computer that I assembled in my front hall had color coded the wiring to the computer, making it really easy to understand what to do, without even needing to know what all of the cables were.