Protect the Free and Open Internet

Article/Op-Ed in New America Weekly
Jan. 19, 2017

In New America Weekly, Andi Wilson makes the case for maintaining and protecting a free and open internet under the 45th POTUS.

Electing a “political outsider” for president leaves us with little data from which to make predictions. However, based on what little we know about President-elect Trump’s positions on issues related to internet freedom, and those of his key hires, there is widespread concern among the policy community that he may not continue the federal government’s long history of support for a free and open internet. His statements and positions, and those of his prospective hires to work on issues like freedom of expression, cybersecurity, net neutrality, and internet governance, some fear, could foreshadow a shift away from the policies implemented by past Democratic and Republican administrations. However, it remains to be seen exactly how the Trump administration’s policies affecting the global internet will evolve in the months after inauguration.