Protect the Free and Open Internet

Over the past quarter-century, both Democratic and Republican administrations have supported a free, open, and globally connected internet.

Now It’s Much Easier for Government Agencies to Get NSA Surveillance Data

We may simply never know the full impact these new procedures will have on our privacy.

Congress has one more shot to delay government hacking expansion

Beyond cybersecurity concerns, government hacking poses a unique threat to privacy.

A Largely Jargon-Free Guide to ICANN

A jargon-free look at how ICANN and ownership of the internet actually works.

Open Technology: Values, Compromises, and Ownership

Technology has impacted everything from how we understand and interact with the world around us to how we manage our own personal data.

The Spies in Your Email

The Yahoo case raises serious questions about user security.

Creating a New Architecture of Government Through Tech and Innovation

Creating a new architecture of government through tech and innovation.

The Transition to ICANN is the Best Way to Protect Internet Freedom

Completing the transition to ICANN is the best option to protect internet freedom.

Diversifying Congress, One Techie at a Time

We’ve designed TechCongress understanding that Congress has a technology and a staffing problem

Foreign Governments, Tech Companies, and Your Data

OTI's Ross Schulman and CDT's Greg Nojeim wrote for Just Security about cross-border data sharing and privacy protections.

In Praise of the Private Email Server

The casual news consumer has had the pleasure of hearing about a “private email server” quite a lot over the past year.

The FCC Needs to Make Broadband Affordable for Schools, Hospitals, and Businesses

Michael Calabrese wrote for Slate about the necessity of affordable broadband.