Silicon Valley Could Get Pass in Democrats’ Antitrust Crusade

In The News Piece in Bloomberg
July 20, 2016

Lina Khan was quoted in Bloomberg about antitrust and Silicon Valley:

Lina Khan, a fellow with the Open Markets Program at Washington-based New America, shared Reich’s disappointment particularly amid the platform-drafting process ahead of the Democrats’ July 25-28 presidential nominating convention in Philadelphia. She was one of several left-leaning grassroots organizers who proposed language on antitrust that included a pledge to scrutinize “the market power amassed through data and network consolidation by digital gatekeepers.”
While two paragraphs addressing antitrust are set for approval in the final platform, the reference to technology companies is glaringly absent, Khan said.
For now, Warren’s citation stands in contrast with her party’s 2016 platform. The omission of the technology industry was the most notable among cuts made to the antitrust language, Khan said.
Republicans also included antitrust in their platform this year, putting insurance companies on notice in a proposal to repeal 1945 legislation that protects them from litigation.
“It’s reasonable to assume that the tech industry’s influence over both parties, but especially the Democratic Party, may make officials more reluctant to identify their power as a threat,” she said.