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Will Uber Rouse the Trustbusters?

Kevin Carty wrote in Slate about the antitrust implication of Uber and Didi-Chuxing's recent deal in China:

In the days since Didi Chuxing, China’s dominant ride-hailing company, announced a deal to buy Uber’s operations in the country, analysts have focused on two big themes: the difficulties that American tech companies face while operating in China, as now evidenced by Uber’s abandonment of its loss-sustaining business in the Middle Kingdom, and the merger’s benefits to Uber, which is now free to pursue an initial public offering and concentrate more of its fire on its U.S. rival, Lyft.
But there’s another important story, one that could roil the ascendant American ride-hailing industry: By making this deal with Didi Chuxing, Uber could expose itself—and its domestic peers—to scrutiny by U.S. antitrust authorities.