Monsanto-Bayer Mega-Deal a Nightmare for America?

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Media Outlet: CNN

Leah Douglas wrote for CNN about the likely negative effects of the Monsanto-Bayer merger on consumers, farmers, and the food system:

Bayer's announcement that it intends to buy Monsanto, the world's largest seed producer, shocked farmers and consumers alike. The deal could have a profound -- and negative -- effect.
Seed prices could rise for farmers, consumers could see more genetically engineered foods on supermarket shelves, and our global agricultural system could end up depending on just a few companies to meet a high percentage of the world's agricultural needs.
In short, the $62 billion deal would further concentrate power in an already highly consolidated global seed and chemical industry.
It's time for anti-trust regulators, who have been allowing mergers and acquisitions such as this for decades, to look closely at how allowing this merger could hurt farmers and the environment.


Leah Douglas was a reporter and analyst with the Open Markets program, where she researched power consolidation and monopolization in the food and agriculture industry.