Putin's World Tour

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Timofeev Sergey / Shutterstock.com
May 25, 2017

Amidst daily revelations about Russia's global web of influence, is there a way to chart a path ahead?

Not since the end of the Cold War has Russia received as much front page media attention as it gets today. Russia has been blamed for several recent global upsets — Trump's election, Le Pen's surge, and Assad's ability to remain in power. At the same time Russian oligarchs have structured a network of financial influence across Europe and into the U.S., Russian media has been charged with turning into an unabashed propaganda mouthpiece.

How should we read Putin's goals? As congressional and FBI investigations into election interference continue, is the Kremlin nervous about what might come out? And ultimately, how long can Putin's power be sustained, among everyday Russians and abroad?

On May 22, New America NYC hosted a conversation with leading reporters and editors on this age of Putinism and what its blowback means for the future of Russia's relationship to the world.


Joshua Yaffa @yaffaesque
Contributor, The New Yorker
Fellow, New America

Noah Shachtman @NoahShachtman
Executive Editor, The Daily Beast

Miriam Elder @MiriamElder
World Editor, BuzzFeed News
Former Moscow Correspondent, The Guardian

Elana Broitman @elanabroitman
Director, New America NYC