[ONLINE] The Guarantee: Inside the Fight for America’s Next Economy

A conversation with author Natalie Foster
The Guarantee book cover
The New Press

How are American families supposed to get by, much less thrive, when certain core economic needs like housing and food security, child care and jobs that can support families hang in precarity for so many? And, at a time of growing economic inequality and a disappearing middle class, what does that precarious balance mean for our collective economic security?

Still, there are reasons to be hopeful. There is reason to believe we have and can continue to make holistic economic well being a reality for more Americans: policy solutions that are not only possible but ready to implement.

Join New America’s Family Economic Security and Well-being teams and Natalie FosterPresident and Co-founder of the Economic Security Project and former New America CA Fellow—for a discussion of these solutions. In her new book, The Guarantee: Inside the Fight for America’s Next Economy, Foster tracks seven domains across the last ten years–housing, health care, a college education, universal care, an inheritance, an income floor–and explores how they went from impossible to attainable. Foster will touch on the lessons from the government’s COVID response, local guaranteed income projects, growing state efforts to guarantee paid leave, and–most importantly–the lived experiences of families and visionaries across the country.

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