FBI Says It Has Cracked Terrorist's iPhone Without Apple's Help

In The News Piece in CNN
March 29, 2016

Ross Schulman was quoted in CNN Money about the FBI cracking the San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone without help from Apple:

Normally, in a situation like this, the FBI must hold a high-level meeting with the president's National Security Council to discuss whether to tip off Apple about the hacking method, according to a senior Obama administration official. Hacks are only possible through vulnerabilities in technology, and the same method used by the FBI could be used by foreign governments to hack Americans' iPhones.
The FBI should have that discussion immediately, said Ross Schulman, senior policy counsel at the Open Technology Institute, a think tank.
"The bug is, so far as we know, widely distributed and can give complete access to a device that so many of us rely on daily. Those are great reasons to tell Apple so they can fix the problem," he said.