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FCC Said Close To Making Some Policy Calls on Zero Rating

Michael Calabrese was quoted in Communications Daily about the FCC's ruling on zero rating.

UN to Hold Secretary General Job Hustings for First Time Ever

The Guardian covered New America NYC's event with the candidates for United Nations Secretary General.

FBI Says It Has Cracked Terrorist's iPhone Without Apple's Help

Ross Schulman was quoted in CNN Money about the FBI cracking the San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone without help from Apple.

How the Terrorists Lose

Monday’s attacks may have been retribution for Friday’s arrest.

Influencers: FBI Should Disclose San Bernardino iPhone Security Hole to Apple

Kevin Bankston was quoted in Christian Science Monitor about the San Bernardino iPhone security hole.

The Work That Makes Work Possible

Whether it’s childcare, elder care, or self-care, caregiving plays a central role in keeping America’s economy going.

What Trump Got Right About Brussels

Right after the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday, Donald Trump did something bizarre. He spoke the truth.

None of the Above

Website security questions stress me out. How am I supposed to choose and remember a favorite book or favorite teacher?

Be Like Lee

Go champion Lee Sedol put up a brilliant fight against Google’s computer program. Regulators grappling with A.I. could learn from him.

The Apple-FBI Encryption Fight Has Been a Long Time Coming

Ross Schulman was quoted in US News & World Report about the Apple-FBI encryption fight.

Easy? Fast? Reliable? What we should know about the internet

In a world in which a growing proportion of the population spends a growing proportion of their lives online, politicians and policymakers p

Excruciating choice for GOP leaders: Take a risk on Trump?

What could possibly motivate a Republican to formally endorse Donald Trump and join his raucous brigade?