In The News

Larissa MacFarquhar Interviews Chelsea Manning

National Fellow Larissa MacFarquhar sat down with Chelsea Manning at the 2017 New Yorker Festival to discuss Manning's life after prison.

Nikole Hannah-Jones Awarded 2017 MacArthur 'Genius' Grant

Nikole Hannah-Jones—a 2017 National Fellow—is among the winners. This is the second year in a row that a New America Fellow has been chosen.

New America Awarded "Best U.S. Social Policy Think Tank" from Prospect Magazine

New America has won the 2017 Prospect Magazine "Best U.S. Social Policy Think Tank" Award.

‘A Conservative Climate Solution’: Republican Group Calls for Carbon Tax

Ted Halstead was quoted in the New York Times about carbon tax.

Confronting the Changing Face of Work

Anne-Marie Slaughter joined Valerie Jarrett and Sheila Marcelo to discuss the changing nature of work at the Bloomberg Year Ahead summit.

Anne-Marie Slaughter Keynotes at Dreamforce's Highest Rated Session

Anne-Marie Slaughter spoke at Dreamforce, the world's largest software conference, keynoting the conference's session on women and equality.

She Famously Said That Women Can’t Have it All. Now She Realizes that No One Can.

Anne-Marie Slaughter was profiled in the Washington Post Style section.

It's Time to Make 'Women's Work' Everyone's Work

Anne-Marie Slaughter joined the Atlantic at the 2016 Aspen Ideas Institute to discuss caregiving policies.

Why Is Populism Winning on the American Right?

Anne-Marie Slaughter was quoted in the Atlantic about the rise of populism among American voters.

Friday News Roundup – International

President Obama meets with leaders in Saudi Arabia and Britain.

Police Officials: Google and Apple Should Censor Encryption Apps in Their Stores

Ross Schulman and Jake Laperruque were quoted in Vice Motherboard about censoring encryption apps in the Google and Apple stores.

The Next Encryption Battleground: Congress

Kevin Bankston was quoted in NPR News about the battle for encryption in Congress.