[ONLINE] - Millions of Ukrainians Have Fled. What Happens to Their Property?

A part of the Aftershocks: Russia, Ukraine and the New World Order event series

Over 4.7 million people have fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion on February 24th, while another 7.1 million are displaced internally, leaving behind their homes, livelihoods, and communities. The Russian army continues to bomb Eastern and Southern cities, resulting in shocking images of ruined high-rises, cultural landmarks, and infrastructure.

What will happen to the properties that millions of Ukrainians are leaving behind, and the countless buildings that are being shelled into rubble? When the day comes for Ukrainians to return and rebuild, how will they reclaim the homes still standing, or receive compensation for the houses that have been destroyed?

Join New America and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) to discuss the measures policymakers must put in place right now to increase chances of a successful post-war restitution effort, and what Ukrainian refugees can do to improve their odds of reclaiming what they left behind.

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Volodymyr Khorbaladze
Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Coordinator, NRC Ukraine

Denys Nizalov
Senior Land Governance Adviser, Prindex Project
Senior Lecturer, DeMontfort University

Ekaterina Reznikova
Technical Director, Blom-Info Ukraine

Jon Unruh, @JonUnruh
Professor, McGill University


Yuliya Panfil,
Director, Future of Land and Housing Program at New America

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