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The Fix

We’ve all heard the bad news. The heady promise of the Arab Spring has given way to repression, civil war, and an epic refugee crisis. Income inequality is rising around the world. And the threat of ISIS and other extremist groups keeps spreading. We are living in an age of unprecedented, irreversible decline—or so we’re constantly told.

In The Fix: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline, Jonathan Tepperman presents a very different picture— the often-overlooked good news stories, offering a provocative, unconventional take on the answers hiding in plain sight. Pulling examples of successful programs from nations around the world, Tepperman proposes global solutions to the biggest challenges we face today.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, join New America for a conversation with Jonathan Tepperman and Anne-Marie Slaughter on Tepperman’s new book and the innovative programs and policies making positive change in countries around the world.

This event will be held in New America’s Independence Conference room. Copies of the book will be available for purchase via credit card or check. A light lunch will be served.


Jonathan Tepperman
Editor, Foreign Affairs
Author, The Fix: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World in Decline


Anne-Marie Slaughter
President and CEO, New America