[ONLINE] - Brave New World: The Next Wave of Higher Education


Is higher education due for a makeover? The pandemic has accelerated the trends already in place that are disrupting the traditional model of higher ed. So it’s an opportune time to look ahead and discuss what's coming next, from closing the gap that has opened between elite schools and the rest to the waning of standardized admissions tests to the rise of online and hybrid learning from the fringe to the center. Along the way, of course, we'll be answering the ever-acute question of what it is all supposed to be for.

Join The Progress Network and Arizona State University for a conversation on the future of higher ed.


Sylvia M. Burwell, @SylviaBurwell
President of American University

Michael Crow, @michaelcrow
President of Arizona State University

Scott Galloway, @profgalloway
Founder of Section4


Zachary Karabell, @zacharykarabell
Founder of The Progress Network

This event is presented by The Progress Network, based out of New America.

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