'Three-Sided Coin': Analyst Looks at Root Causes of Home-Grown Terrorism in US

In The News Piece in Radio Sputnik
Jan. 3, 2018

Albert Ford was interviewed by Radio Sputnik and discussed the terrorist threats facing the U.S. today:

When asked about what can be done to quash the sources of radical propaganda in the United States, Ford mentioned a past tendency to separate jihadist ideology from the terrorism itself.
“And this is a problem because these individuals, who either attempt to or successfully carry out [terrorist] attacks, can open up their web browser and get their hands on videos, twitter postings or encrypted chatrooms. It’s going to be a hard problem, as it starts and ends online. We’ve tracked 27 cases this year in the US and 80 percent of them have revealed some sort of radicalization via the internet,” Albert Ford noted, elaborating on the radicalization process of potential homegrown terrorists.