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Will the U.S. negotiate with terrorists?

The U.S. government's long-stated position is that it won't negotiate with terrorists. But are there exceptions?

Sharia Strategy: Rule of Law Replacing the State

Young and entrepreneurial, the Nusra Front is distinguishing itself among jihadis in pushing both for a coalitionist approach to the Syrian

Shari’a Courts Move to the Battlefield

Abu Mohammed al-Golani, head of the al-Qaeda aligned Jabhat al-Nusra, has become not only a consensus-building leader in the midst of Syrian

To Help Connect the Two New Yorks, Bill de Blasio Should Build More Community Broadband

An article in the Nation profiled the Open Technology Institute's work on the Red Hook mesh network project and how it assisted residents in

Christie's all-expenses paid Dallas Cowboys trip raises 2016 concerns

Julian Zelizer, a presidential historian at Princeton University and a professor of political science, said Christie’s association with Jone

Bolder Obama ready to take on GOP

“President Obama has a lot of work to do getting his party ready for 2016,” Princeton University political historian Julian Zelizer said. “T

‘Selma’ Reignites Controversy On LBJ’s Role In Civil Rights

“The debate isn’t just about L.B.J., but about how American politics works,” said Professor Zelizer, who teaches history at Princeton. “Is i

Privacy in Muslim constitutions and Karzai’s refusal to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement

While it’s no secret that negative Afghan public opinion swirls around civilian deaths from raids — rightfully so — Karzai’s antipathy towar

There’s Something About Mary

Let’s start with Mary Barra. Her appointment can be interpreted as Detroit waking up to the facts.

Google's Schmidt: We likely are in the last years when states can really censor speech

We're all familiar with the concepts of "soft power" and "hard power" in international relations, but there's a new kind of power afoot, at

Rapping for al Qaeda in Syria

In August, al Qaeda's propaganda arm released a video starring the German rapper Deso Dogg.

A Tech Innovation in Red Hook's Housing Projects

Open Technology Institute's Technology Projects Manager Georgia Bullen was quoted in a Color Lines article on the potential for the Red Hook