[ONLINE] - What Zombies Can Teach Us About Surviving the Apocalypse


How prepared are you to survive the zombie apocalypse? No, really: How long would you have before you got to the bottom of your pantry? Would your community struggle not to fall apart, or would your neighbors come together?

Imagining the zombie apocalypse is more than just another fun seasonal activity. The collective imagination that surrounds many of our morbid fascinations is actually incredibly useful as a purposeful stress test for harder-to-conceptualize future disasters. Activities like zombie crawls and other apocalyptic imaginings can direct our attention toward vulnerabilities we need to address so that we can do a better job managing our collective risks—even if they don’t include a zombie invasion.

Join Future Tense and ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination for a lighthearted conversation on how to prepare for dire eventualities.


Athena Aktipis, @AthenaAktipis

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Arizona State University

Assistant Director of Research, Global Futures Laboratory, Arizona State University

Zombified Media, President & Founder

Coltan Scrivner, @MorbidPsych

Behavioral Scientist, Recreational Fear Lab, Aarhus University

Director, Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl

Research Project Manager, Arizona State University


Mia Armstrong-López, @MiaAArmstrong

Managing Editor, Future Tense