[ONLINE] - Will We Ever Fly Again?


Will we ever fly again, like we did in 2019? In recent decades, flying has been democratized as the rising global middle class made a deal with airlines everywhere: cram in as many seats as you need to keep fares low, and we'll show up (though we may still carp about the service). Now that your fellow passenger vying for your armrest isn't merely an annoyance but a potential pathogen, flight in the age of social distancing may require a new social contract. Or maybe, radically new technologies.

Join Future Tense for a conversation with Richard Aboulafia, Henry Harteveldt, and Andrés Martinez on Thursday, May 21 for less than an hour at 4:00 pm EDT on whether the current pandemic will forever change the way we fly.


Richard Aboulafia
Vice President, Teal Group

Henry Harteveldt, @hharteveldt
President and Travel Industry Analyst, Atmosphere Research Group

Andrés Martinez, @andresDCmtz
Editorial Director, Future Tense

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