[ONLINE] - The Biden Administration’s Future Agenda


The Biden administration has a lot to tackle policy-wise, particularly around the public health crisis and the economy. But it can’t let the urgent needs of the present keep it from making progress on the future. Over the past few weeks, Future Tense has been publishing the Future Agenda, a series in which experts make their pitches for targeted, concrete accomplishments the Biden White House should pursue around such issues as broadband regulation and internet access; global health policy and pandemic prevention; and energy and policy change.

Join us for an event that will take the ideas published in Future Agenda and examine what, how, and if the Biden administration will be able to do these things—and whether it can help us break the cycle of present-day crises keeping us from addressing longer-term issues.


Sean Casten, @RepCasten
Representative (D-IL 6th District)

Charles Kenny, @charlesjkenny
Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development
Author, The Plague Cycle: The Unending War Between Humanity and Infectious Disease

Sarah Morris, @sarmorris
Director, New America's Open Technology Institute


Lizzie O’Leary, @lizzieohreally
Host, What Next: TBD

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