[ONLINE] - Technology, Borderlands, and the Future of US-Mexico Ties


It's hard to overstate the interdependence of the United States and Mexico, whether you look at economics, culture, security, or demographics. In recent years the relationship has become even more politicized in the US, with media outlets and political leaders scapegoating our southern border, Mexico, and Mexicans for all sorts of problems, real and imagined. And yet, in a post COVID-19 world, the two countries will need to work together more closely than ever, on public health, on securing North American supply chains, on managing migratory flows, and many other fronts.

Join Future Tense and the Wilson Center's Mexico Institute Thursday, May 7 for less than an hour at 4:00 pm EDT to consider the future of the relationship amidst the pandemic fallout with two of Mexico City's most creative thinkers on US-Mexico ties.


Alexandra Haas, @ahaasp
Human Rights Lawyer and Visiting Researcher, Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE)
Former President of Conapred, Mexico’s Federal Anti-Discrimination Commission

Andrés Martinez, @andresDCmtz
Editorial Director, Future Tense

Carlos Bravo Regidor, @carlosbravoreg
Associate Professor and Coordinator of Journalism Program, CIDE
Political Columnist, Reforma and Expansión Política

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