[ONLINE] - Social Distancing, Meet Space Exploration


Space exploration might be the most ambitious of human endeavors, spurring collective action, advancing technological innovation, and inspiring future scientists. In the midst of a pandemic, will missions be suspended and delayed? Will space exploration be viewed as an unnecessary luxury? Or, could this crisis bring the world together to invest in science?

Join two leaders in space exploration Tuesday, May 19 for less than an hour at 4:00 pm EDT to consider space exploration in the age of social distancing.


Lindy Elkins-Tanton
, @ltelkins
Principal Investigator, NASA Psyche mission
Managing Director and Co-chair, ASU Interplanetary Initiative
Co-founder, Beagle Learning

Ellen Stofan, @EllenStofan
Director, National Air and Space Museum
Former Chief Scientist, NASA

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