[ONLINE] - My Favorite Movie with Ellen Weintraub: The Social Network


As we hunker down at home, social media’s power to connect us to each other is more apparent than ever. We are intimately familiar with our friends’ dogs, babies, quirky observations, and failed attempts at artisanal breadmaking. However, the social network has also made the most fanciful and pernicious fake news and extremist views virally accessible, with the same urgency and intimacy.

Join Future Tense, Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, and Lizzie O’Leary, host of Slate’s What Next: TBD for an online discussion of The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin’s 2010 Oscar-winning take on Facebook’s origin story. Normally, as part of this series, we would invite you to watch the movie together with us at Washington, DC’s E-Street Landmark Theatre. But under the circumstances, we will have to watch separately on Netflix or other streaming services and then come together on Zoom for this discussion.

Follow the conversation online using #MyFavoriteMovie and following @FutureTenseNow.

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